Thurrock bin workers set to go out on strike

On 6 October, we published this post about proposed changes to the bin collection service in Thurrock: And so it starts… When we first read about these changes, we thought they would inevitably lead to worsening working conditions for the borough’s refuse collectors. That has come to pass as you can see from these posts below:

This is from the Basildon Socialist Party Facebook page:

We stand with the Thurrock refuse workers. Thurrock council is in deep financial trouble because of Tory austerity – the whole labour movement needs to stand against this, lockdown or no lockdown.

Thurrock is also facing a major financial squeeze because of its decision to borrow £1bn not for much needed social housing but for ill-advised speculative investments. Many other councils have made similar plays – including labour led authorities like Basildon. We will not carry the can.

The Basildon Socialist Party re-posted this statement:

Thurrock refuse workers take a show of hands to start the process for strike action. Following on from successes in Newham, Bexley and Greenwich; the binmen of Thurrock in Essex have now stood up to be counted.

The Tory-run council has proposed slashing these workers’ salaries by between £2-3.5k a year. Meanwhile, no changes will be made to the salaries of senior management of course. These people are part of the army of key workers that kept this country going through a pandemic; they were clapped and applauded – is this their reward?

Thurrock Council have another thing coming if they think we’re going to lie down and have them rob us blind. Not on your life. A follow up meeting of street cleansers and highway gritters also saw them join the fight with over 30 people joining the union this morning alone. I am privileged to be working alongside them.

No to attacks on key workers and yes to strike action. Victory to the Battling Binmen of Thurrock.

Needless to say, we offer our unconditional solidarity to the refuse collectors in Thurrock who will be taking part in strike action. This solidarity extends to any other frontline workers who join in industrial action to defend their terms and conditions of employment. Thurrock Council have picked the wrong people to have a fight with. The binners work hard and they’ll strike hard as well:)

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