Basildon Tower Blockers – check ’em out:)

The images above were originally published on the Basildon Tower Blockers Facebook page –

Yesterday, we made this award to Thurrock Council: Thurrock Council are the fecking worst! Doing this doesn’t mean we’re letting Basildon Council off the hook. We’ve certainly no intention of letting the esteemed leader of Basildon Council, one Cllr. Gavin Callaghan (Lab) get away with the bullshit he comes out with, particularly relating to his deeply flawed ‘vision’ (a.k.a. delusion) for the town centre:

Basildon Town Square: tower block plans revealed (Echo – 17 November 2020)

This is what we’ve had to say so far about Callaghan’s dystopian visions for the town centre:

Buls**t! (8 October 2020)

Regeneration’ – the only way is up (6 October 2020)

Trust us, we will have a LOT more to say about this! Meanwhile, for those of you in Basildon who are opposed to Callaghan and his developer mates plonking high rise apartment blocks aimed at yuppies all over the town centre, we recommend that you check out the Basildon Tower Blockers. They’re vigorously campaigning against these abominations while maintaining a sense of humour and ripping the p**s out of Callaghan and his mates:)

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