This was first published on the Basildon Tower Blockers Facebook page. There’s nothing we can really add to this to be honest:)

Basildon Labour Alliance’s King Of The High Rise Gavin Callaghan has embraced his Bob Ross style Lockdown hair and is inviting residents to come and get all art and culture with him.

Now then.. We don’t think he knows one end of a paint brush from the other or his aria from his elbow. The only dance he knows is the developer quick step.. That’s two steps to the right and 30 floors up for those not familiar.

But here’s what he said today..

“When we come out of #COVID, it’s vital that the arts and culture is not just the preserve of the big cities. Local artists, theatres and venues must be saved and supported.

I have a major fear that the arts and culture, which is often run by local authorities outside of major cities, will be cut and culled in a way that’s deterimental to the fabric of our society.

That’s why my Administration continues to put public art, culture & leisure at the heart of our regeneration. In December the council will consider the cultural strategy for the masterplan.

It’s a draft and we want to hear your views on it.

If you would be interested in sitting on a working group to look at the cultural strategy, please get in touch. 🎶 “


So lets cut to the chase.. What’s he up to? We’ve learned so much about him in this extra year that fortune handed him. And we know for a fact, everything he says is loaded with ulterior motive.

We think this is yet another sweetener for residents and it goes something like this..

He is starting to realise that the high rise monster tower element of the Masterplan is proving more and more unpopular, as more and more residents start to realise what he is planning.

And all this offer from him today is simply another in a long line of PR based attempts to sweeten residents into thinking.. “Oh well.. yes he’s building the monster flats.. But he is doing this for us!”

It will not happen. He and his Alliance have absolutely no interest in art and culture. They will do the minimum to get by.


They would rather buy art and culture in, spending thousands and thousands of pounds on a ship load of awful “Place Making” consultants. People who will come in and re-brand us and tell US what OUR culture is all about. Chancey firms like drab dullards “Things Made Public”, who have no clue about the area and cost a fortune, will slap a few murals up and run a couple of street markets and think that’s just what we need.

The working group will be an offer to sit among these consultants while they pretend that you are having a say and steering the ship. Then they go away and do to this town, the same as they have done in the town before that and the town before that. And it costs a fortune.


It just aint cutting it Gavin. We see right through it. Can the man offer us one honest piece of work?

There’s a severe lack of imagination in this piece Gavin. Your technique is getting tired and old.. no-ones convinced.

Change your water and freshen your palette if you want to paint pretty pictures that impress residents.

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