In the early part of October, we put up this post about the self inflicted dramas Thurrock Council were having over the re-organisation of their refuse collection service: And so it starts… The dramas relate to the cross-party Waste Management Working Group whose hard work in formulating a workable plan for the service was misrepresented by the Tory ruling group on the council. Basically, the ruling group put in what they thought the service should look like and twisted the findings of the working group to justify their decisions.

Understandably, the Waste Management Working Group were not happy about their words being twisted to justify proposals they do not support. Which is why on Tuesday 24 November, members of the working group quit in protest at the behaviour of the ruling group: Councillors quit working group claiming breach of trust over bins decision.

Stifford Clays independent councillor, Jennifer Smith, told Thurrock Nub News:

“During my time in the working group I stated that, the main contact residents have with the council is regarding their bin collection. I asked for a public consultation to put the proposals to the people who pay for these services. The way the council has ploughed ahead without the committee’s recommendations, or engaging the public at scale, is unacceptable and I am resigning from the Waste Management Committee in protest of their actions.”

Cllr. Jennifer Smith nailed it – bin collections are the most frequent contact many people have with their local councils and any proposed changes to the service should be run past us first. It’s time Thurrock Council gave us residents credit for having the common sense and wisdom to help guide them to the right decision rather than dismissing our opinions and dictating what we will and will not get in the way of a service. Also, it’s time the council engaged fully and in good faith with the frontline workers who deliver this service and whose experience will determine what can and can’t be realistically achieved. It’s Thurrock Council though, so the reality is there’s not a cat in hell’s chance of this ever happening!

This is yet another example of the arrogance and incompetence of the ruling group on Thurrock Council and the senior officers who advise them. They have a lot of form on behaving like this. This is why we gave them this ‘award’: Thurrock Council are the fecking worst! The question is, how much longer are people going to tolerate this shite before something gives?

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