Something for Thurrock Council to ponder…

Below are links to three recent stories from the local media about the mire that Thurrock Council are sinking into.

These two deal with the increasing murkiness over the council’s ‘investment strategy’ which from our reading of the situation, is putting the council in an increasingly perilous financial situation:

More disclosures about Thurrock Council’s secretive financial programme: Council’s cash lent to company for renewable energy was used to set up another loan firm! – 17.12.20

Will Thurrock Council drop £16 million in one of its secret energy investment deals? – 16.12.20

This story deals with the ongoing sorry saga of the council’s regeneration companies:

Council’s bid to appoint regeneration companies director is thwarted as opposition councillors question secrecy and procedures: One says: “This is Mickey Mouse council” – 17.12.20

We were going to write a fairly lengthy blog post about the issues raised in these pieces. However, as Thurrock Nub News have done their usual thorough job in exposing the council’s lack of accountability and transparency along with their staggering ineptitude, we recommend that you read the news items linked to above. We’re sure you’ll draw the same conclusions as us and a growing number of people across Thurrock that this cannot be allowed to go on any longer. Suffice to say, 2021 will be a very ‘interesting’ year…

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