Thurrock people, here’s a free graphic for you:)

A non branded graphic highlighting just a few of the screw ups and examples of high handed arrogance that can be laid at the door of Thurrock Council. Please share far and wide. This is just to kick things off. There will be more to come over the now not at all bleeding festive period as there’s a very rich seam to mine with our ‘Mickey Mouse’ council!

One comment

  1. Liam Kavanagh likes our borough it paid him 5 million in one hit, he has to pay for his house in monaco and his super cars. Also Thurrock CEO came from Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (did she have anything to do with cladding? I dont know). Did she award a 20 million pound contract to her friend who she doesn’t know but there is a lovely picture of her with him. Where is the forensic accountants and scrutiny? Even a one eyed baboon would have spotted flaws in Rockfire and previous dealings, even the staff comments, no one should have touched them so why?


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