The true value of a library

This image was originally published on the Save Our Libraries Essex Facebook page

With Essex County Council still looking to sneak in cuts to the library service in Basildon and Thurrock Council’s financial woes prompting them to look for cost savings, now more than ever, we need to value what libraries have to offer our communities. As you can see from the above graphic, the benefits they offer can’t be quantified by the soulless bean counters whose word dictates what services get slashed in times of austerity. When the libraries re-open after the latest lockdown, the minimum demand is that they offer at least the same level of service as before. If that level of service had already been cut, then demand restoration to a full level. If after lockdown it looks as though your local branch library may not be re-opening, fight to ensure it does open.

Let’s spread this message far and wide and fight any threat to our local libraries!

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