Why Thurrock Council are getting a lesson in harsh reality and manners

The above graphic was produced in response to this news story about the growing number of senior officers at Thurrock Council on high salaries: Number of council big earners on the rise while lower paid battle cuts to their terms and conditions. On top of this increase in very well paid senior officers, the council are merrily ploughing on with the vanity project that’s the extension to their offices in New Road, Grays. At the same time, the council are trying to force through pay cuts and the imposition of worse terms and conditions of employment on their frontline workers. We use the word ‘trying’ because they’re meeting with very stiff resistance from striking environmental services workers.

It’s crystal clear that ruling group Tory councillors and the senior officers do not exist in the same world as us mere plebs. We live in a world where we recognise the graft the council frontline workers put in to provide the services we rely on and demand their properly rewarded. The ruling group councillors and senior officers live in a world where they think they can get away with pissing on the rights of their frontline workers. The two worlds are currently colliding with each other as angry frontline workers are delivering a lesson in harsh reality and manners to an arrogant and out of touch Thurrock Council. We offer our 100% unconditional solidarity to all the frontline workers battling with the council to preserve (and enhance) their pay and conditions.

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