Some sound advice…

The local elections have been and gone and the re-elected/new administrations are getting their feet under the table ready for a new term of office.

In Thurrock, the Tories consolidated their control of the council on the back of a low turnout. The low turnout was quite likely a reflection of the view many people hold that its the senior officers who have the real clout and that the councillors are there just to keep up the pretence of local democracy…

In Basildon, the Labour/Independents Alliance was defeated to be replaced by the Tories who have promised to listen more attentively to the residents of Basildon. A promise that was made in response to local anger about the town centre masterplan a.k.a. the ‘disasterplan’ that was being enthusiastically pushed down the throats of the residents by the now former leader of Basildon Council, Cllr. Gavin Callaghan.

Promises, promises, promises… The stuff of local elections as the candidates fight for the votes of the few people left who still have any vestige of faith in what passes for local democracy. Now is the time to deliver…

In the case of Basildon, there’s considerable relief at seeing Callaghan the motormouth losing the leadership of the council that may give the incoming Tories a little bit of a honeymoon period. Just a little bit…let’s not forget the days of the Billericay Tory Mafia…

In Thurrock, the one promise that should have been made but wasn’t was holding overpaid, unelected and unaccountable senior officers to account.

Our advice is offered above. Be alert and question what they say and do…always. Cynical? Us? Yes, guilty as charged and with good reason from many previous bitter experiences!

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