Institutional rot

This is an in depth look from our sister blog, The Stirrer, at the institutional rot that has long set in at Thurrock Council and increasingly blights the lives of the residents of the borough…

Dave – the editor

With my Thurrock and Basildon Heckler hat on, I’ve become a frustrated and often angry observer of the workings and failings of local authorities. I’ve seen a lack of transparency and accountability. I’ve seen arrogance and a total lack of humility. I’ve mistakes, failures and sheer incompetence covered up and excused. I’ve seen disjointed thinking and a failure to develop a holistic overview. The only way I can describe what I and many others see is ‘institutional rot’.

The local authorities who are supposed to be the servants of the public are in fact, anything but. I’m not naïve enough to believe there ever was a golden age of local democracy and governance. However, what I and many others dealing with local councils are seeing is a dangerous disconnect with the public they’re supposed to be serving.

Many commentators have noted the low turnouts at local…

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