‘No impact’…really?

The dreaded ‘Stanford Detour’

A short while ago, we put up this post about Highways England adding an extra ‘consultation’ event in Stanford-le-Hope to enable residents there to comment on amends to the plans for the Lower Thames Crossing: Pressure pays… It would appear that Highways England only grudgingly added this extra event because of the pressure that was being placed upon them: Highways England plays down impact of planned Lower Thames Crossing on borough communities. Grudging because Highways England are not producing any ward impact summaries for either Stanford-le-Hope or Corringham.

The Thames Crossing Action Group would beg to differ with Highways England on this. Residents of Stanford-le-Hope and Corringham would also beg to differ. There are a number of reasons for this. One is the already poor air quality in the east of Thurrock. This report from the Thurrock Gazette was published over five years ago but in the opinion of many residents, still holds true: Stanford-le-Hope named as one of ten worst in UK in latest WHO pollution stats. If anything the issues covered in this piece are worse because the new superport at London Gateway is now fully operational and has generated a lot of extra lorry traffic which runs pretty much 24/7. Extra lorry traffic means there’s more air pollution. It also means there’s more noise pollution as well.

Then there’s this: The Stanford Detour. It’s complicated and needs a couple of reads to fully grasp what’s going on but trust us, it’s worth the effort. A content note – it won’t do your blood pressure any favours! Basically, for reasons we can’t really fathom, the interchange between the Lower Thames Crossing, the A13 and ongoing access to other local but important roads isn’t really…all that… As things stand with the current plans, to get from the Lower Thames Crossing onto the A1089 down to the port at Tilbury, traffic will have to detour all the way along the A13 to the Stanford junction, up onto the traffic lighted junction, then all the way back down on the other carriageway. Tilbury is a busy port. It has recently been expanded with the addition of Tilbury 2. Tilbury along with London Gateway are scheduled to become a Freeport which means more expansion and more traffic. Which begs the question of just why the f**k it’s supposedly okay for a shed load more traffic to be sent all the way to the Stanford junction and back again just to access the road down to Tilbury?

As far as the Thames Crossing Action Group and many residents of Stanford-le-Hope and Corringham are concerned, because of this, the Lower Thames Crossing does have an impact on the eastern end of the borough and Highways England should have produced a ward impact summary. The fact that they haven’t is yet another indication of their arrogance and hubris. Mind you, if they did produce an honest ward impact summary, it would be an admission that there are serious flaws with their proposals.

Anyway, save the date – Wednesday, 18 August – 2-8pm at Homesteads Hall, Dunstable Road, Stanford-le-Hope. We think there will be some ‘interesting’ exchanges:)

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