Essex County Council libraries CONsultations

This only applies to Basildon residents as Thurrock is a unitary authority. We’re re-posting this because it’s a reminder of how underhanded Essex County Council are when it comes to avoiding a fully open and honest discussion about the future of the library service in the county. As we’ve mentioned before, decisions are being influenced by the bean counters who have no appreciation or understanding of the value libraries have for the communities they’re in.

This is from the Save Our Libraries Essex – SOLE Facebook page

ECC says it wants “you to have your say on the future of libraries in Essex.” We can only hope the council won’t be repeating past mistakes, but anybody could be forgiven for being sceptical.

There are two online sessions on Monday 20th September (details here With one during the day, and the other early evening, neither are well timed for those of us who will be working and/or have families to look after. Furthermore, ECC wants questions in advance, where it can censor out any questions it doesn’t like.

Do you trust Councillor Mackinley and her colleagues? Or is this yet another stitch up job?

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