This was first posted on Old Man Stan’s Bazzo Stick Gang Facebook page

With the Billericay Tories running Basildon – The Priority will ALWAYS be Billericay.

Over the months, this page has backed calls from residents to get our train station cleaned up.

Basildon station is a filthy disgrace. Granted it’s not so bad on the inside, but outside it is disgusting. The whole building and immediate area needs deep cleaning and repainting, as a minimum.

Successive Councils are spending millions on trying to promote the town.. to bring in more visitors.. it’s “aspiring” they say.

And yet, they throw all this money at promoting new colleges, a new cinema and laying on all kinds of events to promote the town.. and yet the first thing people see when they visit Basildon (bearing in mind they are trying to encourage people to ditch their cars and use the wonderful easy transport links), the first impression visitors to our town get is the filthy railway station!


And yet, we have this situation here.. but over there..

Billericay East Tory Andrew Schrader is going flat out to get their rail company to look after the trees next to the railway line – Residents over there are concerned. We would suggest more concerned about the view, than they are about the ecological aspect.

They’ve also had a brand new station built over there.

We don’t see any of the Tory Councillors intervening here do we?

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