Roll up, roll up, it’s…

Take these two stories from Thurrock Nub News:

Finance councillor downplays concerns and says council’s borrowing strategy that contributed to £1.4 billion debt has been a force for good in the borough -16.12.21.

The game of strategy. When is a lie not a lie – and where does integrity and accountability sit in the job description of some members of council’s hierarchy? – 15.12.21.

Just two out of a seemingly endless stream of shite emanating from Thurrock Council. We were going to do some in depth commentary on both of these but instead, we recommend that you read them and draw your own conclusion. Which we’re pretty sure will be the same as ours and of many pissed off residents across the borough. Namely that Thurrock Council is not fit for purpose in any way, shape or form.

Someone ought to tell Thurrock Council that pantomimes are just for Christmas. They’re not supposed to run 365 days of the year non-stop. Just saying…

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