We can only try…

Here are some posts from the previous two months, the common theme of which is getting some truthful answers out of Thurrock Council:

This sorry saga rolls on…and on…and on… – December 15, 2021

Any chance of an explanation of why the A13 widening project is overdue and over-budget? A supplementary question – how many more weekend closures of the A13 do residents of Stanford-le-Hope and the surrounding villages have to put up with?

They couldn’t…. – December 8, 2021

Why can’t Thurrock Council organise meetings without screwing it up?

The Stanford-le-Hope railway station debacle – the STILL unanswered questions! – December 6, 2021

Please…can someone tell us why many of the buildings at Stanford-le-Hope railway station were demolished before properly worked out and costed plans were in place? A supplementary question – will we ever see a replacement station?

Facing the music…from a distance! – November 24, 2021

What do Thurrock Council expect to gain by shutting the much loved Thameside Theatre?

Gaffes and finger pointing – just another day at Thurrock Council! – November 23, 2021

How the heck can Thurrock Council defend a financial ‘investment’ strategy that has effectively dropped them (and us residents) in the shite?

Sort it out! – November 17, 2021

Does it seriously take over a year to sort out broken lights on a housing estate?

High rise towers spreading like an unwanted rash – November 15, 2021

Are Thurrock Council seriously considering flattening half of Grays town centre to allow a rash of high rise apartments to be built in its place?

This is just two months of posts holding Thurrock Council to account. They’re posing questions that residents and local media outlets all want answers to. We’ll be carrying on as we left off in 2021 – doing what we can to hold Thurrock Council to account and supporting everyone else doing the same. One day, we may actually get some answers…one day…

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  1. spot on you should investigate the 106 development contributions that are being taken by the council and used illegally the bata development and the planning team is a fantastic example of where the community recieves nothing and the council absorbs it up into their black hole . also is the ceo actually in a relationship with the finance director and do they live together in tonbridge kent near the a26 would that be why after 1,49 billion investment allegedly beyond his remitt and unauthorised has been rewarded with promotion .thurrock community have no confidence in the council


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