Save YOUR Thameside Campaign Update

This was first published on the Save YOUR Thameside Facebook page

Thanks to the wonderful support you have given so far, this campaign group are beginning to see a change in the Council’s approach. We saw an opportunity for a bid to take over the Thameside Complex and we are supporting interested parties with a business plan that will go to councillors and finance officers. In a recent newspaper article, councillor Mark Coxshall (responsible for regeneration) said “if they come up with a good financial plan, then there could be a preliminary decision by January”.

The words “if” and “could” may seem insignificant but they show that our fight is not over. It is just the beginning of a new stage. Some of the campaign committee members attended the Cabinet meeting on the 12th January where a report was discussed on the Thameside. A decision was made to continue discussions with the community with a view to the Thameside becoming a community run building. It is early days but a move in the right direction for our campaign.

Discussions continue with the council which we encourage and support but please forgive us if we don’t publish sensitive details on social media.

We will keep our supporters updated when we have something definite to report. Meanwhile you can help by supporting the Thameside. Buy your tickets for the theatre and prove its popularity. Attend the library and take out items, use the facilities. Make a visit to the Museum to check out Thurrock’s heritage. Use the services on offer from its tenants. Please keep in contact with your local councillor and tell them why the complex is important to you. Share with us your stories, memories and photos of the complex’s last 50 years so we can secure it for the future!

Save Your Thameside group are continuing to work hard to get the complex fully open. With your continued support, we are getting there.


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