Turned out it was just a mere flicker:(

A few days ago, we put up this post about what we thought was a glimmer of light being shone on Thurrock Council’s controversial ‘investment’ strategy: A little glimmer of light at Thurrock Council – 15.1. In this post we mentioned that Thurrock Council have created a web page showing some details of their ‘investments’. This is the page: Our investments and borrowing. We did add a caveat that there didn’t appear to be much in the way of new information…

Well, it turns out that after the flag waving from Thurrock Council about this web page, it’s reported that they’ve sanctioned another stage of a potentially expensive legal battle to stop any more information about their investments coming under wider scrutiny. Bear in mind this is from a cash strapped council threatening cuts to services and jobs, yet their priority is spaffing your hard earned council tax up the wall to fund a legal battle. Priorities eh?

Rather than us paraphrasing what’s happening, we strongly recommend that you read this piece from Thurrock Nub News: Lack of transparency and cynicism goes on as council appears to be planning to prolong battle to hide its cash secrets. Read it and weep:( It turns out that what we and others hoped would be a glimmer of light turned out to be just a mere flicker which now appears to have been extinguished.

This is taxpayers’ money that has been ploughed into these ‘investments’ and taxpayers’ money that’s being used to fund a legal battle to stop us mere plebs finding out what’s going on with them. The ruling group councillors and the officers at Thurrock Council are supposed to be the servants of the residents who through their taxes, pay their allowances and salaries. They’re not a law unto themselves, they’re answerable to us, the residents who are getting pissed off with being fobbed off.

It’s getting to the point where a fair few people are wondering what they’re paying their council tax for. It may get to the point where some of them decide that it’s time to withhold their payments until Thurrock Council get their act together. That’s when things could start to get ‘interesting’:)

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