Worth giving this one a go

Right, it’s getting close to the festive period so we thought it was about time we posted up a bit of good news on this blog:) Normally, we’re pretty cynical about consultations and surveys from local authorities and developers. However, when a community focused project in Pitsea wants to know what residents want to see happen in the area and are prepared to do what they can to follow through on the findings, we reckon this one is definitely worth a go:)


In 2013 and 2017 Heart of Pitsea conducted a survey which asked residents what improvements they would like to see in the area. The responses to these questions helped shape our aims and objectives. Since then we have continued to speak with local people about changes they would like to see.

We would now like to follow up on that original survey to see if there is any shift in priorities and themes and would appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to share your views on our online form. We value your opinion and your opinion counts!



Heart of Pitsea – http://www.heartofpitsea.co.uk/


What is Heart of Pitsea?

Heart of Pitsea is a 10-year local community project dedicated to everyone who lives, works or is educated within the defined Heart of Pitsea boundary.

The project is run by a committee of volunteers, who are all residents within this area. Their local knowledge, combined with their enthusiasm, ambitions and skills come together to create a dynamic team that is passionate about Pitsea. And the best bit? It is down to them how Heart of Pitsea spends its funding.

Read the rest here – https://heartofpitsea.co.uk/about-us/

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