Basildon Council sinking to new depths of pettiness

The above snotty missive* from Basildon Council was sent to us by a leaseholder in Laindon who was only trying to brighten up the stairwell leading to his property with a few tasteful pictures. The stairwell in question is shared by one other property. It’s not busy so the risk of anyone sustaining an injury from close contact with one of the pictures on the wall is infinitesimally small.

If Basildon Council are so concerned about safety on stairwells, they need to start with the relevant team doing something about the fire escape stairs at Brooke House in the town centre. Stairs that residents are obliged to use whenever the lifts pack up. Stairs that in wet/cold weather are, because of exposure to the outside, rendered so slippery they’re a clear danger to anyone having to use them.

Pictures on a wall are not ‘rubbish’ as was implied in a letter that looks like a bit of a cut and paste job in parts. The pictures were placed on the wall by the leaseholder to cheer up what was otherwise a bland, utilitarian stairwell. Placing pictures on a stairwell to brighten it up is an indication about pride of ownership and caring about the block and its environs.

This isn’t the first time the resident in question has been given grief by some pettifogging council officer with a grudge. They have also been given grief for cultivating an ‘unofficial’ community garden alongside the fence edging the estate. The garden is there to a) provide some fresh vegetables and b) to add some attractive visual interest to the estate.

Being proactive in wanting to make your estate a better place to live doesn’t sit well with the control freaks who work for Basildon Council. In fact, it would seem that the council will actively pick on anyone who has the temerity and self motivation to improve conditions rather than passively waiting for someone else to do it for them.

We’re not ones for passively sitting round waiting (ages) for the council to get off their arses to do something. We prefer the proactive approach. On that basis, the resident in Laindon has our 100% backing in dealing with pettifogging officers from Basildon Council.

* Any sensitive information has been blocked out. We added the Stasi badge as comment on what we think of the Home Ownership Team at Basildon Council!

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