Thurrock Council haven’t seen sense – the strike is ON!

As of today (Tuesday 13 April), bin workers, highway maintenance crews and street cleaners across Thurrock will be out on strike for the next three weeks. That’s unless Thurrock Council see sense and come back to the negotiating table. Given the combination of arrogance and incompetence at the council, there’s little chance of this happening. This is how the start of the strike was reported by Thurrock Nub News: Industrial action over pay and conditions will begin at 9am as bin crews, highways maintenance and street cleaners withdraw labour.

These are the two most recent posts we’ve put up about the strike and why frontline workers in Thurrock felt that had no option but to take industrial action: All out strike for three weeks from unless Thurrock Council see sense – April 2, 2021 and: Thurrock Council in the last chance saloon before a bin workers strike – March 26, 2021.

It’s down to who blinks first. Our gut feeling is that this will be a pretty solid strike. Anecdotal evidence suggests there’s a fair bit of public support for the strikers. Much of that is obviously down to people recognising that Thurrock Council’s treatment of their frontline workers has been, and continues to be, appalling. Also, given the piss poor reputation the council has among a lot of residents, there’s also the atavistic to see the strikers give them a bloody nose!

If you want to join us in showing solidarity with the workers, we have an A4 poster you can download, print off and put up.

You can download a PDF of this poster from here.

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