Have Thurrock Council bitten off more than they can chew?

Thurrock Councillor David Van Day of 80’s Pop duo “Dollar” is currently backing plans to cut our income by up to £4000. Its been a while since his hit single “Give Me Back my Heart” and our refuse workers have got a better idea for him……….”

All of the above images are from the Justice For Refuse Workers & Cleansers Facebook page. If you want to keep up with what’s happening with the strike, they’re definitely worth following.

So far, our impression is that the strike is pretty solid. Equally as important, it would appear that a fair few people across Thurrock support the refuse workers in the action they’re taking.

We all know Thurrock Council are known for their spin (a.k.a. bullshit). Will they be able to spin their way out of this one or have they bitten off more than they can chew?

If you want to join us in showing solidarity with the workers, we have an A4 poster you can download, print off and put up.

You can download a PDF of this poster from here

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