Solidarity with the Thurrock care workers

This was first published on the Thurrock Labour Left Facebook page

Thurrock Council wants to slash the pay and erode the conditions of social care workers.

One of the things we have learned during the pandemic is that humanity is deeply interdependent. This relatedness feeds into morality: our need of others enables us to think of others. It also thought us that, in times of illness, care is not an optional extra: it makes the difference between life and death.

The current crisis has proved the value of our social care workers, but it is frequently not seen as work requiring recognition or award. 58% of care workers in the UK are paid less than the Real Living Wage and according to the Office for National Statistics, they are twice as likely to die from Covid-19 as NHS staff.

Care workers are among the lowest paid in the borough and need better pay and conditions, recognising the vital role they play in protecting the vulnerable. Instead, Thurrock Council wants to slash their pay and erode their conditions – a slap in the face to workers already struggling to make ends meet.

The care workers have disclosed the mental health toll of the role working during a pandemic. As a mental health tutor, will you stand up for these workers Shane Ralph?

The care workers have described the fear of debt, rent arrears and significantly reduced standard of living. As a former employee of the Citizens Advice Bureau, will you stand up for these workers Luke Spillman?

And the care workers have reported feeling undervalued and have expressed concern about the deteriorating level of care at Collins House. As a social care worker, will you stand up for these workers Adam Carter?

Dara O Cogaidhin.

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