This is from the Justice For Refuse Workers & Cleansers Facebook page

Just a reminder, while some councillors are braying on social media that our terms and conditions don’t represent “value for money”, this is what the top end of the scale is raking in. There are almost fifty people in Thurrock Council earning over £80k a year – none of which are facing any cuts to their overall pay.

Now, are these officials worth their salary? Perhaps they are. That’s not for us to decide. But if the top of the scale gets paid more than the Prime Minister, then at the very least we’re worth our wages as well.

The question remains, if cuts are needed why not start at the top? And if cuts aren’t needed, why is Thurrock doggedly trying to implement them?

It seems to us the council has come after us for some reason, and when we’ve understandably pushed back they’ve tried to blow this up into a political row.

We’re as united as we ever were. It’s time for the council to come off their high horses, and do a deal.

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