Stuffing the proposed London Resort by any means necessary

We’ve written previously about the proposed London Resort theme park development on the Swanscombe Peninsula which is on the opposite side of the Thames from Grays: Talk to us! While this development is not quite on our patch, it will have a major impact on Thurrock, particularly when it comes to traffic levels which will inevitably increase. Residents of Thurrock already suffer from high levels of traffic generated pollution – we really don’t want any more! With that plus the loss of a unique wildlife habitat along an increasingly busy estuary, we are opposed to the London Resort going ahead. In the spirit of ‘by any means necessary’, we support the efforts of Buglife who are doing what they can via the habitat conservation route to stop this development:

Tell Natural England that you want the Swanscombe Peninsula protected

The deadline for supporting the designation of the Swanscombe Peninsula as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) SSSI is 12th July 2021. Can you spare 10 minutes to tell Natural England that you agree that this nationally important wildlife site should be protected?

The importance of the Swanscombe Peninsula for nature was recognised by Natural England in March, when it notified this wildlife haven in North Kent as a SSSI. This means it is an area of particularly high interest for its wildlife and significance for our natural heritage. Although this legal protection took effect immediately, there is currently a consultation on this designation.

Will you help us make sure that one of the country’s most threatened wildlife sites receives the protection that it deserves, by taking part in the online consultation and letting Natural England know that you want its SSSI designation to stay?

The consultation portal is currently live at where you can find all of the information on the proposed SSSI, including the detailed analysis of its precious flora and fauna together with and a map of the proposed SSSI.

You can read the rest of this piece here

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