One to watch…

The Kynoch Court care complex in Stanford-le-Hope may be about to lose its day centre.

This worrying piece was published on Thurrock Nub News: Is council set to take cost-cutting axe to services for borough’s older people? At the moment, the basis for the story is ‘informed sources inside Thurrock Council’. On the basis that there’s no smoke without fire, the threat of significant cuts to services for the elderly in Thurrock is one that has to be taken seriously.

This comes despite Thurrock Council upping the council tax by the full three percent allowed, leading residents to believe the money from this increase was to be ring fenced for adult social care. How many residents actually believed that is a moot point. Bear in mind that Thurrock Council is not in the best financial shape: Thurrock Council sliding into the mire – 23.11.20. Is it the case that the council feel they have no option but to wield the axe on what most reasonable people would consider to be vital services?

What also has to be born in mind is that we’re dealing with a council that can’t get it’s spending priorities right. Thurrock Council are spending £10 million (and possibly more when yet another project goes over-budget) on an extension to their offices in New Road, Grays. They’re doing this while at the same time, they’re threatening to cut services to the elderly.

What sticks in our throats is that the services for the elderly that are being threatened are the ones that enable them to meet up and socialise. It’s this that keeps the mind active and staves off dementia. After fifteen months of Covid restrictions that have severely impacted elderly people in care homes, denying them full visits and contact with family and friends, to be threatened with cuts like this beggars belief…

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