Putting on the pressure…

Following on from our previous post about the debacle that’s the supposed ‘re-development’ of the railway station at Stanford-le-Hope, we’d like to let you know that our frustration at Thurrock Council’s handling of this is not just confined to this blog. Over the preceding months, we’ve been putting up posters on the ‘temporary’ hoarding at the front of the station where the pull in, ticket office and coffee kiosk used to be. The chief aim of this is to embarrass Thurrock Council. We make no apologies for doing this because there are a lot of unanswered questions as to why perfectly serviceable station buildings were demolished before properly worked out and costed plans for replacement structures were anywhere near being in place. The latest posters went up last night (11.7) when the streets were empty because most people were indoors watching the football. Hopefully, like the previous posters that have been stuck on the hoardings, they’ll be up for at least a week:)

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