Although this blog is called The Thurrock and Basildon Heckler, regular readers will have no doubt noticed that recently, the focus has almost exclusively been on Thurrock. Looking back over the long term history of this blog, there have always been swings in the focus depending on what kind of shite is going down in each council area. Before the local elections back in May, the focus was very much on Basildon and that was because of…Gavvo! (a.k.a. Gavin Callaghan, the former Labour leader of Basildon Council)

Here’s why, since the local elections, the coverage has swung away from Basildon and back to Thurrock. Firstly, Thurrock Council is in trouble on a number of fronts. Keeping up with that is pretty time consuming and being honest, we’re really only scratching the surface. Secondly, as much as we detested Callaghan, his departure did leave a massive void in terms of an easy target to attack. Almost as big as one of the skyscrapers he wanted to plonk down in Basildon town centre! Thirdly, there’s the assessment that needs to be done of the new Tory regime now at the helm in Basildon.

While getting a measure of what the Tory regime is like at Basildon Council is an ongoing process, a picture is starting to emerge. One of bullshit in terms of claiming credit for initiatives started by the previous administration. Seriously, do they think the people of Basildon are going to swallow this level of hype and deception? Another is what looks to be the return of the Billericay Tory Mafia with undue attention being paid to projects in areas north of the A127 a.k.a. ‘the great divide’. Basically, it’s the same old, same old that we’ve experienced with previous Tory administrations in Basildon – all that’s changed is some of the faces have moved round the table and there are a few new ones as well…

We promise that the balance in our coverage between Basildon and Thurrock will become more equal. What would help is if people in Basildon who have verifiable leads and info on what’s going on that would make a good story could contact us – obviously, anonymity will be respected.

Meanwhile, there’s one thing that still holds true…

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