Seriously, you couldn’t make this up…

This is from Thurrock Nub News: “Thurrock Council is to expand plans to rollout lessons on budgeting and money management to pupils and adults entering their working lives.” You can read about this initiative in full here: ‘Inspirational’ action planned to educate borough people about debt. We checked the date of the story – 16.09.21 – nowhere near April Fool’s Day!

Ahem… Here are a few reminders about the financial ‘competence’ of Thurrock Council for you to ponder upon:

Thurrock Council giving themselves more road to kick the can down – April 17, 2021

Under pressure? – October 27, 2020

One to watch… – October 25, 2020

Seriously, you couldn’t make this up if you tried! Thurrock Council are really NOT reading the room on this one. Anyway, have a read of the above and we’ll let you draw your own conclusions:)

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