Transparency? Accountability? Answers? Anyone?

Thurrock Council and major infrastructure projects aren’t exactly a successful pairing, are they?

Here’s another project they’re overseeing which is delayed and over budget – the A13 widening between the Orsett Cock roundabout and the junction with the Manorway which takes traffic to and from the port at London Gateway. The A13 is being widened along this section to (supposedly) aid the smooth flow of heavy goods vehicles travelling to and from the port.

This is the most recent coverage of the delays in completing the widening from Thurrock Nub News:

Massively delayed and overspent A13 widening project will run into next year council chief concedes and new financial target is set – but there are no details – 30.09.21

Botched A13 work won’t cost taxpayers says council – but still no explanation why there have been so many major closures – 04.10.21

The completion deadline on the A13 widening keeps slipping back – it now looks as though it will not be completed until at least January 2022. Why are we getting pissed off about a road widening project that’s behind schedule and over budget?

Firstly, there have been way more weekend closures of the A13 than the contractors, Kier, said there would be. Every time, there’s a weekend closure, the amount of traffic going through our town, Stanford-le-Hope, reaches levels that are unacceptable because of the rat running involved.

Secondly, there’s a complete lack of transparency from both Kier and Thurrock Council as to why there are delays to the project and why there are so many road closures. It’s us residents of Stanford-le-Hope who are having to put up with repeated road closures and the adverse consequences on traffic levels in the town every time they happen. The very least we deserve is an explanation of why there are way more road closures than we were initially led to expect and a full apology.

‘Considerate’ contractors? Really? Bullshit merchants would be more accurate!

Bear in mind, all of this is coming on top of Thurrock Council’s botched handling of the so called ‘redevelopment’ of the railway station in the town. An issue we have opined on many a time in a bid to get some answers: Still waiting for answers and a new railway station at Stanford-le-Hope:( – 01.10.21

Apart from the delays and the budget busting, the common theme linking these two projects is the lack of transparency, accountability and answers from Thurrock Council that the people of Stanford-le-Hope deserve. The council really do need to know that there’s only so much shite people are prepared to take…

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