The renegades within…again!

The residents who are active in the Orchards Community Forum in Grays put in a lot of graft to keep their neighbourhood as clean as possible: Doing it for themselves – October 10, 2021. Taking pride in your neighbourhood is a vital step in building the community morale and solidarity we need in these divisive and troubled times. Sadly, there’s a renegade element within the community that does not appreciate the efforts made by the forum – it was these scumbags who left this pile of rubbish in an alleyway that had recently been cleaned up: Fly-tippers strike over Christmas.

The scumbags who dumped this rubbish have no understanding of what community means, let alone any sense of obligation towards it. They’re a product of the times we live in where the sense of community is being undermined by a climate of greed and atomisation. Fortunately, there are still many people who value being in a community and will do what they can to maintain it. However, there are enough people slipping through who seem to think they can do as they please, regardless…

Fly-tipping is a low level assault on the community. There should be no hiding place for the renegades responsible for this action. They need to learn that their anti-social actions will have adverse consequences for them. It’s the only way they’ll learn and mend their ways…

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