Thurrock flooding revisited…

An in depth review from our sister blog… There are still a LOT of unanswered questions regarding the flooding issues that have afflicted Thurrock and we want answers…

Why are we revisiting this issue?

It does seem to be the case that after each flooding event here in Thurrock, there’s a flurry of activity, talk and promises before the issue drops off the agenda again. Obviously, there’s some level of activity going on behind the scenes but what that is never gets properly communicated to residents who have suffered as a result of the flooding. This is one of the reasons why in order to ensure it stays on the agenda, we’re taking another look at the issue. Another is to try and convey what we see as the complexity of the situation and why it’s wrong to blame a flooding event on just one or two factors.

This is some of what we’ve written about the flooding issues across the south of Essex during the course of 2021:

Passing the buck:( – October 26, 2021

Not the…

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